Time Off

I work a lot. When I say a lot, I mean, A LOT. Where we are, most salespeople have to work 6 days a week. In places like Detroit, salespeople have a union that has negotiated weekends off for salespeople. Lucky them. Though I can't see how not working on a day like Saturday could be a good thing. Most of our sales and leads for the upcoming week come in on a Saturday. It's the day that most people have off. At any rate, I only take one Saturday off a week.

This weekend is not one of those weekends. I need to make one more sale to really make my paycheck pop. I'm scheduled to work, but if I needed to take the day off, I could. After work, a few of the guys from the dealership are getting together to grab a few beers and watch the game at our GSM's bar; he co-owns a blues joint not far from downtown. Because I don't want my beautiful girlfriend to worry, I'll be calling a cab to get home or hitching a ride. No DUI for this guy.

Since salespeople are just that, people, we all have different ways we blow off the steam from being pressure-cooked on a parking lot for 60 hours a week. Some drink, some hunt, a lot of us play golf (a sport I've never gotten into). Poker nights are also normal events.

Myself, I'm a foodie. I love going to restaurants and comparing them, trying new things. I've become a big fan of authentic Italian and Mexican restaurants. I also make the hour drive to visit my aforementioned beautiful girlfriend twice a week.

My point? The same point that I've made countless times in this space; Car salespeople are people. We just have better methods of persuasion than you.


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