About the author, and Compression Ignition

Thanks for reading this blog. Allow me to introduce myself.

I'm J.D.

I'm a 4-year veteran of a mid-size American dealership in Michigan. I've seen the best of times, I've seen the worst of times. I've seen tons of salesmen (always men, no women) come and go. I've sold hundreds of cars. I've had extremely loyal customers, and I've had complete douchebags who couldn't be sold. I've made quite a bit of money.

In this blog, Compression Ignition, I'll tell stories about the business, give advice on car buying and car selling, and basically tell you how to be either a better salesman, or a better customer.

If you find something useful, leave a comment or e-mail. If you find my blog interesting or funny, or whatever, add me to your favorite RSS reader.