More Change

Well, we said goodbye to another guy this week.

Honestly, I should be used to change. There are only 2 other salesmen that are still working at the dealership that are there when I started. The job is a grind, and a lot of guys can't get used to the income instability. This guy was one of those. It's his bad, truthfully. He decided to become attached to a woman that most of us agree is just going to make his life miserable ultimately. It's not our place to say anything, however.

Another note about leaving a dealership: there's no two-week notice. None. When it's time for you to leave, you let the manager know and you clean out your desk. But above all, you say goodbye to the guys. That's the one constant. Be a man and let people know you're leaving, because if anything, we're going to have to tell the customers that you were working with what happened to you.

This guy didn't say goodbye to anyone but myself. That's completely unacceptable. We spend upwards of 50 hours a week with each other. I spend more time with my coworkers than I do with my girlfriend. You learn a guy's ins and outs, what he's thinking, how he handles his business, everything. When you leave, you leave with a handshake and a fare-thee-well. That's the way men do it. I suppose that says it all, doesn't it?

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