Ever Meet A Lottery Winner?

I met a guy who won the lottery.


The lucky guy won a "second chance" lottery by sending in tickets that had previously lost. I won't go into super-specific terms, but he won a million dollars. A million. Dollars. As in, $1,000,000.00. So what has he done with the money?

Well, he paid for his kids' college tuition, for one. He's paid off all his debt. He's building a house. He bought his daughter a new car. And....nothing else.

No extravagant purchases. He didn't buy 3 or 4 new cars (as I would have). He didn't buy a bathtub made of elephant bones and fresh whale baleen. This guy displays remarkable restraint.

He's coming in to buy a Camaro, though. Naturally. Who wouldn't?

I know exactly what I'd do if I won the lottery. There would be a get-together with my girlfriend, my family, and my closest friends. Depending on the amount, I would buy them all new American cars. I would buy myself a Corvette, a Buick LaCrosse, and a Silverado 2500HD Diesel Crew Cab. I'd buy a house. I'd pay off all my debt, and my girlfriend's school debt.

Would I try to save the world? Probably not. There are people that have way more resources than me to do that. I would do what I could, though. I'd probably donate a bit of it to the American Heart Association. I don't know.

It's nice to dream, though, isn't it?

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