Why We Hate Kids


We don't really hate kids. We don't like the idea of kids. Whether the parents want to admit to it or not, the kids make the majority of the automotive buying decisions.

I'm wrong, you say? Think about it. You're a husband and wife with the means to afford either one of our nice, shiny 7-passenger crossover vehicles, or one of our exciting, sporty muscle cars. Which one do you choose? The answer, more often than not, depends on whether or not you have a passel of munchkins to transport. Is a DVD player important? If you have kids, it probably is. You can see my point.

Probably the biggest reason why we salespeople don't like to see kids is this simple fact: Kids are built-in excuses. Kids are a reason to leave before you've made a decision, and before I've made any money. Your precious little Timmy is a ticking time bomb, set to go off right as I'm going in for the close. Even before then, you don't want to take the test drive because you don't want to have to move your child safety seats around.

No. We're not ogres. Most of us have kids, so we can sympathize with your plight.

But next time, leave the kids at home, ok?

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