No, You Can't Leave

Rainy days are useless to us. There's no one walking the lot, nobody driving through. Useless. So, I guess I'll blog.

And I'm frustrated right now, which is something that's been happening more and more. You ever wonder why car salesman don't want you to leave? Because the probability of you buying a car once you leave is less than 25%. Once you leave, you either pass by another dealership, hear another dealership's ad on the radio, talk to your wife and she gets cold feet, talk to your husband and he gets cold feet, talk to your palm reader and she has a goat that can get you a great deal at XYZ Imports, any number of things.

Once you leave, the probability of me getting paid drops drastically. There's nothing that can even compare. There's no frame of reference I can give you that would make it easy to understand. You leaving means I can't take my girlfriend out to dinner. You leaving means I can't pay rent. That's why I do everything in my power to make you stay.

Perfect example:

I had a guy come in a couple days ago; really nice guy. He wanted to look at a GMC Acadia that he and his wife found on the Internet. They had been saving up for a number of years to buy a vehicle, and were waiting for a zero-percent financing deal to pull the trigger. We demoed the Acadia in question, sat down, and agreed on a deal. He couldn't bring his wife back that night, so we made an appointment for him to come in the next evening.

Fast forward to that evening. No show. I called him. No answer.

I called again a couple hours later. No answer.

I'm steamed at this point; we had taken the Acadia off of our lot and put a hold tag in it because he swore up and down that he was going to bring his wife back in.

I called him again the following morning. He finally answered. His wife got "cold feet." They had been saving for years for this exact deal. Now, I can't pay rent (figuratively, not literally) because this lady got "cold feet."

I can't imagine being married to such an indecisive shrew.


You probably don't understand it, and you probably resent me for it. I'm still not letting you leave.

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