Machetes and the Cure for Boredom

I said before that the worst thing in the world for a car salesman is boredom. When we're bored, it means we aren't making any money. If we aren't making any money, it makes us edgy. So, instead of skewering everyone, we try to find ways to cure the boredom.
A little while ago, my ex-trainee took at trip down to the Coleman outlet in Birch Run near Flint, MI. Being an avid camper and an impulsive buyer, he came back with a shiny new machete.
"How much did you pay for that?" I asked him.
"Six bucks." he replied.
Six bucks. Hmm. I had always wanted a machete.
The next week, during one of the many boring periods, I decided to check out machetes on Amazon.com. (If you've never used Amazon to do any of your shopping, you're doing yourself a great disservice.) I prowled around on the website scrutinizing the various blades. I found the machete that my former trainee had bought, but it had gotten poor reviews by purchasers. I decided that I would only buy the best. After another five minutes or so of searching Amazon.com, I found it.
It was a kukhri knife, a 13-inch sharp blade slightly curved away from the handle. It was made out of a heavy, durable cold-forged steel. Instead of a shiny surface, the metal gleamed dark and cool. I fell in love. The price? $7.99, with $7.48 shipping. $15 bucks, if you're keeping track. I clicked the purchase button.
Now, I'm waiting for my cold new machete to come in the mail. I can't wait. I think I'm going to start a collection.

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